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Rev Jack Dunion

Hi Everyone and thanks for checking out the River Radio website! My Rise & Shine show on a Sunday morning at 9am gives me the chance to connect with people on that deeper spiritual level of our being. I firmly believe that the spirit (emotions and thoughts) need feeding just as much as the body, especially perhaps in times of crisis and during life’s most difficult trials.

My Favourite Music
Growing up I always thought I was a bit odd as I seemed to like a very broad range and mix of music, where others seemed to like albums and focus on one or two artists. Not much has changed there but I do now enjoy music that has a message or lyrics that make me think or hymns and tunes that make me feel uplifted in spirit!

My Favourite Artist
Music is just such a gift and it’s no wonder that every human culture in history has produced their own!! With all of the above in mind, I would have to say that Bob Dylan and Simon Garfunkel stand out for me as being more consistent lyric wise. However, Billy Joel, Meat Loaf, The Eagles, Elvis, Elton John, Queen, Dr Hook, Abba have all produced whole albums I could listen to all day.

My Favourite Hymn
“Be thou my vision” is a hymn that never fails to uplift me, “The Love of God is broad like beach and meadow” inspires me and “Be still for the presence of the Lord” takes me to that upper room, humbles me and makes me feel ready to receive higher things. The Christmas Carol “It came upon the midnight clear” is one that fills me with passion for the peace of Christmas!

My Dinner Party Guests
I think that would need to be Jesus Christ of course as it would be like sitting in the company of the best friend imaginable while feeling totally loved, understood and free from being judged. Emanuel Swedenborg would be my next choice as his books changed my life many years ago and go on inspiring me to develop my faith in God today. And maybe Billy Connolly would also be on my guest list as I know he can make absolutely anyone laugh!