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Rab Cairns

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Late Night Mix

Every Friday, 10pm to Midnight

Hi, I’m Rab Cairns, Presenter of Rab’s Late Night Mix. You Can hear me on River Radio Every Wednesday Night from 10pm for 2 hours of the best mix of music. I’ll be playing anything from the 60s to up to date music. You can get in touch by emailing

How would you describe your show?
I play a wide mixture of music so I’m sure you’ll hear a few tunes you love.

My First Concert?
The Offspring – I remember my Dad and my Stepmum taking me to the SECC in Glasgow when I was a kid.

Am I a morning or night person?
I am definitely a morning person! I usually wake up at around 6am but I like to get to my bed early at night.

What music do you love?
As a DJ I get asked this all the time and I’ve never been able to give a straight answer because I love a bit of everything to be honest, it just depends what mood I’m in but I’ve recently went through a wee country stage and been tuning into Seamus’s Country Show on a Friday evening!

What’s your favourite food?
Yes! Food is my favourite! But really I’m not fussy. I’ll eat just about anything!

Holidays – Home or Abroad?
I used to love going abroad every year. I went to Fuerteventura 5 years in a row and made friends the first year I went so it was always good to look forward to seeing them but I’ve recently taken a love for camping over the last few years so now I would prefer a break at the campfire listening to the waves now.

Prefer dogs or cats?
Definitely dogs, I love them. I had a Rottweiler for 13 years and she was the most soft and gentle dog you would ever meet.

How did I get involved in River Radio?
I’ve known Paul Lucas (River Radios Operations Manager/ Presenter) for a few years now. I’ve spoken to him a few times over the years on the CB Radio and he let me know about the station so I asked the question and the guys said yes and let me loose for a few hours on a Wednesday night!

Other Interests?
I Have many interests – CB RADIO, yeah that’s right CB Radio! I’ve been on the CB for about 6 years now. I made a local CB Facebook group and tried to get as many of my friends to get a CB as possible. There were a few of us and we all just kept spreading the word and it started getting busy, then Lockdown hit and WOW new breakers coming on everyday. I recommend everybody gets one!
CAR CLUB – Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved cars and bikes and anything with an engine to be honest. I run a local Car Enthusiasts Club in Greenock. We travel to different shows and events around Scotland.
CAMPING – As I mentioned, I’ve recently took a love for camping. I always said I would never like it but through the pals I made on the CB we all set up a camping trip and I went. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. We were going camping nearly every weekend and I’ve ended up getting a wee camper for a bit more comfort

My Dinner Party Guests?
I know I should probably mention some singers or artists here but I would really love to have a few Glaswegian comedians over for dinner, Kevin Bridges and Gary Faulds for sure!