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Phil Briscoe / Director

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At the Movies

Every Sunday, 2pm to 4pm

Love Songs on River Radio

Tuesday & Thursday, 10pm to Midnight

Hi Everyone!  I’m with you every Sunday from 2pm until 4pm for River Radio at the Movies and every Tuesday / Thursday with Love Songs from 10pm until midnight!

And I’d love to play your favourite song so whether it’s a track from a movie or your favourite love song, get in touch – email me at

My Favourite Movies …. I have a few!
The Greatest Showman – Absolutely love this movie and the music from it is fantastic! I like to play one from The Greatest Showman as often as I can get away with! Another movie I thought was incredible was American Sniper. Not one full of music but it’s a true story about Chris Kyle and just thought it was an amazing movie.

My Favourite 80’s Artist

Well, should I admit this…. I was (and still am) a big fan of Shakin’ Stevens. He was the biggest selling artist of the 80’s!! And I used to get his album every Christmas. I’ve also seen him in concert a few times and he was fantastic each time!

My Favourite Concert

Think it would have to be either Take That, The Circus Tour or MatchBox Twenty.

My Dinner Party Guests

Hmmm tricky one….. I think it would be Henry Fraser (look him up and read his books…. he’s an inspiration), Nigella Lawson (well I can’t cook so she’d be very welcome), Stephen Fry (find him fascinating), Michael McIntyre (find him really funny) and Ant and Dec! Oh and my wife!