Faithless Innadadance

Written by on 25/10/2020

New chart releases this week…

Faithless are lyrically right on the money this week with Innadadance, collaborating with Suli Breaks and Jazzie B.


Even if last night you barely got any sleep in
Have no motive for the weekend
Your account’s in the minus and the bills are increasing
Council turned off the water and they still ain’t fixed the heating
Even after the world decided to crumble into pieces
At least you’re still here and you’re breathing
You should be happy to be alive despite it all
You don’t need any other reason
For every hater, there’s a lover
For every raindrop, there’s the summer
Despite the hurt, there’s a newborn looking up to see hope in his mother
Despite the war, there is peace
We still break bread even after we beef

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